Founded in 1878, The St. Catharines Club will offer each member the simple
pleasures of staff who call you by name as you are welcomed into our community
within a community. A downtown destination for members to dine, socialize,
entertain, be entertained and to do business.

To be a member of the St. Catharines Club is to awaken the unrealized potential in creative conversation, arts appreciation, cultural exploration and business acumen.

Specifically, the benefits of joining the Club include:

  • Exclusive Dining
  • Exceptional Programme of Club Events
  • Unique Private Dining & Function Room Availability (2 to 80 people)
  • Perfect venue for family celebrations and milestones for 100 + people
  • Private place to meet for legal, accounting and business needs in a confidential setting
  • Second Bar Lounge in Club 77 for friendly gatherings with a Full Sized
  • Snooker table
  • Complimentary room rentals, event audio and video equipment
  • Access to downtown parking
  • Worldwide Affiliate Club Network
  • Complimentary Spousal Membership
  • A place among fellow members at the top of their industry
  • Accommodating Food and Beverage to meet all dietary requirements for members and their guests
  • Local & International Wine List designed for all occasions, 5+ Craft Beers on Tap
  • Your own private retreat in the heart of downtown St. Catharines
  • Partnerships with Local Sports Teams & Non-Profit organizations

arts & culture

The St. Catharines Club is a rotating gallery of local works by esteemed Niagara artists. Breathtaking works demonstrate the thriving arts culture that is quickly becoming a staple of the downtown community. With the introduction of the Performing Arts Centre a renewed element of appreciation for this vital component of our local culture is evolving. Experience the community of the Club, one that has a long and proud tradition of supporting the arts in the Niagara community and will continue to do so.


An important component of the Club experience is the networking opportunity that your membership will reveal. A sense of belonging is amongst the greatest benefits of membership that is an instantaneous sentiment amongst the members. When you join the establishment, you are a part of the community. The St. Catharines Club also provides a full social calendar with events including networking dinners, creative workshops, professional event series, sporting event series, arts and media seminars.


Notable amongst the chief perks of membership is your access to reciprocal clubs. The St. Catharines Club has a number of affiliations with clubs from across Canada, the United States, England, Australia and Hong Kong. See our list of reciprocal clubs here.