The Manitoba Club

Established in 1874, the Manitoba Club is the oldest private club in Western Canada. The first Clubhouse was founded in a rented building which burned to ashes in February 1875 when Winnipeg’s first steam fire engine, on its inaugural run, failed to get there in time. Within 6 weeks, our intrepid founders found new quarters and a billiards table.

The temporary quarters served the Club for 6 glorious years. The third clubhouse was owned by the Club and located on Garry Street.

In November 1902, 3 lots were purchased from the Hudson’s Bay Company at a cost of $8,000.00. A deposit of $500.00 was required. The East Wing was not part of the original 194 Broadway building, and was later added in 1909. The Clubhouse has 5 floors and covers 55,000 square feet.

The Club was once known as “the famous Manitoba Club” across Canada and throughout the northern United States. Its rooms have known many dignitaries, past and present; a testament to the impeccable service and unwavering quality of its food and beverage offerings.


194 Broadway Ave.,
Winnipeg, MB