The Brantford Club


98 George St.,
Brantford, ON



Located at 98 George Street, this prestigious mansion The Brantford Club calls home was once the private residence of Dr. John Young Bown, a note-worthy physician and his bride Margaret. In May 1898, five Brantford men, a Manufacturer, a Banker, a Publisher, a Barrister and a Gentleman came together to form a Social Club for like-minded Gentleman of Brantford. By July 16, 1898 Letters Patent Incorporating such a Club had been signed. On New Years Eve in 1898 the doors of The Brantford Club opened for the first time. Recreation was conversation, accompanied by liquor and wine, cards, billiards and other games of chance The Club was incorporated as a Men’s Club. Membership was restricted to Gentlemen only by ballot. Ladies, were then, not welcome into the club. In 1910, the By-laws were amended to allow members to bring lady friends for supper after 8pm. This was for the dining room only and entry had to be from the Verandah. By 1990, ladies were then allowed to be accompanied by a member into the dining room from noon to 2pm, but no entry into the bar. Nearly a century later, in 1990 ladies were finally welcomed as full members to The Brantford Club. Today, memberships are welcome from both men and women as well as their spouses. Over the years, The Brantford Club has been host to many dignitaries including two Canadian Prime Ministers, Joe Clarke and Sir John A. MacDonald. The latter when the house was still owned by Dr. Bown. The most famous visitor was Winston Churchill who, aged 24, signed the visitor’s booked on January 3, 1901. Over the years the club has seen many renovations, refreshed to a more current interior, a welcoming transformation.